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Cicchetti – Savouring Venetian Tapas in the Heart of London

Having been introduced to the cicchetti in Venice (click here to read about my trip), we went hunting for it back in London on Halloween night. Cicchetti, or Italian or Venetian tapas are delicious small dishes of culinary obession savoured with friends over a glass of wine or spritz. Our craving was satisfyingly met at San Carlo’s Cicchetti on Piccadilly.

tuna tartare, tuna, fresh tuna,
Tartare of Fresh Tuna, mixed with olive oil, french mustard, lemon juice & wild rocket £12.95

A simple dish where the flavours of the tuna were beautifully enhanced with the lemon and mustard. Take it in small bites at a time and let it stimulate all of your taste buds.

monkfish, pancetta, sage and butter, wrapped monkfish
Monkfish, wrapped in pancetta with sage & butter £12.95

The monkfish was skilfully cooked. The softness of the fish was juxtaposed with the crunchy crispy pancetta. The fresh flavours were enhanced with the richness from the sage & butter sauce. Absolutely delicious.

calamari, fried squid
Calamari, classic fried squid £8.70

One of the best calamari I have had in a long time. The squid was perfect. It was fresh, soft and gives out the right bounce when you bite into it. The batter was light and just slightly naughty. I will be back just for this alone.

Gamberoni, tempura prawns, spicy mayonnaise
Gamberoni – tempura prawns with spicy mayonnaise £12.65

The prawns are so fresh. Crispy on the outside and prawny on the inside! Just like the squid, the batter is crunchy and light. Another absolute delight.

burrata, parma ham, black truffle, mozzarella
Burrata with Parma ham & marinated black truffle £11.65

You can’t go wrong with black truffle and burrata. The woodiness of the truffle flowing alongside the milkiness of the burrata. How can they made so many amazing dishes under on roof?

Cicchetti is an amazing place. Loved every dish we ordered and that’s just less than a fifth of the overall menu. In addition to the delicious food, there is also a great buzz and vibe in the restaurant. Definitely a place that everyone should come once in their life to live the experience.

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