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Basque burnt cheesecake recipe easy simple beginner cream cheese double egg vanilla

Basque Burnt Cheesecake

Hailed as one of the best cheesecake among many cheesecake lovers. This smooth creamy cheesecake with a hint of caramel from the burnt top is unbelievably easy to make.

Pumpkin Glutinous Rice Cakes

Chewy, delicious sweet treats, packed full of healthy pumpkin goodness, gluten free and vegan! Oh so easy to make with only 3 ingredients, there isn’t any excuse not to give them a try.

Lobito de Mar Spain Marbella Flamboyant charcoal Grilled Seafood Restaurant Dani Garcia Lobster Octopus Red Prawns langoustine fresh beach hut upscale wine collection

Lobito de Mar – Flamboyant grilled seafood restaurant in Marbella, Spain

Food Ambience Service Value 4.3 Summary Lobito de Mar is a flamboyant charcoal grilled fresh seafood restaurant from local celebrity chef Dani García. High quality fresh seafood is prepared over industrial grills in this chic upscale beach hut. Expect flair as food are presented to make an impression. The experience is completed with an extensive […]

Imperial Treasure London Waterloo Place Chinese Restaurant Michelin High End St James Mayfair Cantonese Expensive Luxury Dining Scottish Blue Lobster Braised Noodle Ginger Spring Onion

Imperial Treasure – An unfulfilling high-end Chinese in London, England

Food Ambience Service Value 3.5 Summary This new kid to the high-end Chinese restaurant dining scene in London has not fulfilled its potential yet. Imperial Treasure has a comprehensive list of exciting dishes but it needs to deepen its flavour and wow us with its presentation. The grandeur of the restaurant makes a great first […]

Olive Tree Bath Restaurant Michelin Star Queensberry Hotel Modern European Chef Chris Cleghorn Vegan Tasting Menu Nine Six Wine Pairing To Start Globe Artichoke Soya Yoghurt Black Garlic Dill

Olive Tree – Michelin-star Gem in Bath, England

Food Ambience Service Value 4.3 Summary If you are looking for magnificent combination of flavours, masterfully prepared, Olive Tree in Bath is your place. Head Chef Chris Cleghorn has created a Michelin-star worthy Modern European showpiece menu using the best of local seasonal ingredients. It is a relaxed and classy restaurant with clockwork and attentive […]

Tofu Vegan Restaurant Chinese Islington London Trendy New Age Vegetarian Plant Based Diet Tasty Delicious Sliced Fish Sizzling Chilli Oil

Tofu Vegan – Trendy Chinese in Islington, London

Food Ambience Service Value 4.3 Summary Tofu Vegan is a blessing for vegans in London and it is going to take Chinese Vegan into the mainstream. This fully vegan restaurant churns out expertly executed multi-regional dishes that are on par with established Chinese restaurants in London. Tuck into “Peking duck” and Sweet & Sour “Chicken” […]

Chakra – Vegan Friendly North Indian in Kensington, London

Food Ambience Service Value 4.3 Summary A perfect spot for a colourful, beautiful and tasty vegan meal on a warm summer’s day in Kensington. Chakra is a treat for the tastebuds as dishes come with an explosion of flavours from the variety of spices. Expects top-notch service, swift but yet warm and relaxed.  What is […]