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“Top 5 Must Do” in the city of love, Venice

Beautiful, romantic, mesmerising….flattering words to describe one of the most visited city in the world, but they are all true. Fall in love all over again with the wonder of travels in the city of love with our “Top 5 Must Do”.

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Top 5 Must Do:

1. Go in October

You will appreciate and enjoy Venice much more. The overcrowding from the peak summer months has subside, the weather is cooler and the locals are happier…and everything is still in full swing. Not to mention that hotel rates are also cheaper. Average temperature is between 18° / 10° degrees Celcius.

2. Admire the mosaic ceiling and floor tiles at Basilica Saint Mark

Take your time and admire this golden Byzantine marvel. Each of them tells a story.

saint mark's basilica
Saint Mark’s Basilica in Venice

3. Admire sunset on Water Bus Line No.4.1 from San Zaccaria to Island la Giudecca

You have to time this properly. Soak in the amazing sunset with the silhouette of Basilica di Santa Maria and all the merchant buildings of this nostalgic city.

4. Visit colourful Burano

Boast your Instagram with selfies made gorgeous thanks to the colourful homes garnishing the tranquil banks of the canals. It takes 45mins on the waterbus from Venice. There are plenty of options for a bite or a drink to take in the sight.

doge palace, palazzo ducale
The breath-taking facade of the inner courtyard in Doge’s Palace/ Palazzo Ducale

5. Grab a Pasta-in-a-box

There are quite a few of these quirky little “pack and walk” lunch places. Perfect for the occasion, you can continue exploring the many shop-lined street of this city while picking into delicious freshly made pasta. We tried Dal Moro’s and Baci & Pasta, both were excellent.


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