The Cambridge Chop House

3 hours before we were due to arrive in Cambridge, we suddenly remembered that being a Saturday evening, we should probably book a table for dinner. Having not done any research or having very good internet connection we tasked the concierge at our hotel (The University Arms) to help out. Only too willing to oblige and after a quick search (on the good old internet) … Continue reading The Cambridge Chop House

10 Fleeting Transit Hours in Istanbul

Realising too late that I had mistakingly selected the wrong connecting flight in Istanbul when I booked my flight from Singapore to London, I was rather annoyed, but there was little I could do to rectify the situation. Paying almost ticket price again to change the flight was not an option! Note to self: do not book flights at 2am when dog tired and always … Continue reading 10 Fleeting Transit Hours in Istanbul

Suzi Tros – Minimalist Greek Tapas in Notting Hill

A small Greek restaurant tucked away in Notting Hill. Stepping through the classically Greek coloured facade of cobalt blue and white, we were faced with a few counter style tables and a large open kitchen taking up the majority of the front part of the restaurant. Our table was booked for 1.30pm and the lunch service was in full swing. Hope it will be as … Continue reading Suzi Tros – Minimalist Greek Tapas in Notting Hill