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Sushi Airways – Japanese Food in a Plane

sushi airways

Sushi Airways is the brain child of ex-Grand Hyatt chef Wong Eng Chun. It is based on the idea of fresh seafood that are air-flown 4 times a week to the little city state of Singapore. Carrying on the theme and for a little bit of fun, the restaurant is modelled as the interior of an old-school, propeller airplane (a 1930s Douglas DC-30 for those who knows a thing or two about planes!). You will find in-flight food menu, many rounded-edge rectangular windows, aluminium cladding throughout and even air stewardess in full uniforms. As it is perched on the 1st floor, it offers a relaxing spot for you to watch the flow of lives in Kampong Glam while digging into some good sushi.

Sushi Airways Uni Sea Urchin
Sea Urchin S$30.00

We kicked off the meal with Uni or Sea Urchin, a prized delicacy. It was served in its shell. The dark round shell with long pointy spikes is quite a spectacle – has an “alien” feel to it. There are 5 pieces of fat tongue-like roes in the core of the shell. The yellow to orange coloured roe was rich, creamy and has a sweet, fragrant and briny flavour reminiscent of the ocean. I am not sure what to make of the added fragrant flavour, don’t think it helps to bring out the flavour. Instead, might have distracted me from enjoying it more.

Sashimi Moriwase
Sashimi Moriwase S$58.00

Next up was the Sashimi Moriwase (Sashimi Set). You will get three slices each of six types of seasonal seafood. In this occasion, we had Tai (Sea Bream), Akami (Blue Fin Tuna), Kajiki (Swordfish), Sake (Salmon), Shirako (Sperm Sac, yes, you read correctly!) and another unknown seafood (?). Unsurprisingly the sperm sac stole the show. There were raised eye brows, shock and horror, and laughter when it was introduced. But it was the taste and flavour that won the credit. It had a foie gra like texture, soft and melts in your mouth. The flavour is very subtle and brought out nicely by it being ever so slightly torched. Who would have thought, but i guess more sperm sacs for me next time!

Ebi Roll Maki
Special Off-Menu Ebi Roll

Next was an off the menu maki roll as recommended by my friends who are regulars. It is apparently known as the “special ebi roll”. Special it was indeed. It was beautifully made with deep fried prawn in the maki core and topped with a generous dollop of crab mayonnaise paste. The crabby flavour went well with the richness of the mayo and the crunchiness and sweetness from the deep fried prawn. 37-pages in-flight food menu

Sushi Airways Sushi Set
Assorted Sushi Platter S$38.00
Sushi Airways Haji Lane

Sushi platter came with plenty of variety in good portion size. You will have spotted in the photo above that they had more of the yummy sperm sacs and uni.
I felt slightly underwhelm on leaving Sushi Airways. With seafood flown in 4-times a week, I was expecting something more amazing. I was expecting off the chart freshness and variety of seafood that’s not commonly found in Singapore. I think I may have been expecting too much. It is quite a good Japanese restaurant with bit of a twist in the heart of Kampong Glam. It is definitely worth checking out in you are in the area.

This place is kids friendly but you will have to muscle the pram up to the 1st floor.

Sushi Airways

20a Baghdad Street

Singapore 199659

+65 6291 1151
Visit Sushi Airways Website

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