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Forture Seafood Steam Boat – A Torture Indeed

Dinner at Forture Seafood Steam Boat restaurant on 27th March 2015 is officially the worst meal I had in quite a long while. The food was bland, overcooked in most instances and service was non-existence. It was like stepping into a taxi after the taxi driver has had many cigarettes in the car with the window closed and having him being rude to you as well. The experience was awful.

Worst Pickled Cucumber
Pickled Cucumber (Thankfully free)

It all started with the simple pickled cucumber. I normally really enjoy digging into them as the sourness helps work up an appetite for the meal. It also has a good bite to it with a little spicy kick. The pickled cucumber I was served with had none of it. It was soggy and tasteless. It had all its life drained out of it.

Thai Curry Fish Head, fish head curry
Thai Curry Fish Head S$25.00

The Thai Curry Fish Head was flatly lacking in sourness and the fish was severely overcooked. The subtle balance of spicy, sourness and sweetness of a Thai Curry was non-existence in the dish. Did the chef forget a vital squeeze of the lime and a dash of sugar? Was he distracted by a cat who was chasing it’s own tail? What I am left with is a bland spicy curry…..what a disaster.

salted egg prawn
Salted Egg Prawn S$18.00

Next up is one of my favourite dish, the salted egg yolk prawn. This was another disaster. The prawn wasn’t fresh and the salted egg yolk coating wasn’t salty! I didn’t even know that it is possible to have non-salty salted egg yolk? I would normally feel guilty for eating up all the egg yolk before I peel the prawn to truly enjoy the dish. No matter how much of it I am eating off this, I am getting no satisfaction from it.

minced meat tofu
Minced Meat Tofu S$10.00

Minced meat tofu was strangely sweet. I was expecting a savoury dish but it was annoyingly sweet. Is the sweetness coming from the caramelised onions? What is going on? The tofu itself was OK, but the overpowering sauce made it inedible.

Sweet and Sour Pork
Sweet and Sour Pork S$15.00

Yes, you guessed it right. This was a really bad plate of sweet and sour pork. There was insufficient sweetness and sourness. The pork had no crunch to it. I am speechless!

Forture Seafood Steam Boat

Service doesn’t exist in this place. I had to wave my hand (in the air like I just don’t care) for a considerable amount of time before someone finally brought us the menu. Repeated the same before someone care to take my orders. And yes, repeated the same to pay for the bill. You will also be hard pressed to find a smile on the face of any of the wait staff.

I was gobsmacked as to how this restaurant can get some many things wrong in my one meal here. Time I give Gordon Ramsay a call to give someone a kick on the bum to turn back the dial on this restaurant.

Forture Seafood Steam Boat

885 Bukit Timah Road

Singapore 279895

+65 6469 5957

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