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Long Phung – Singapore’s Best Vietnamese Street Food

Long Phung is the sort of restaurant that warms your heart and stomach. It attracts a very diverse crowd. You will see people from all walks of life here….from young adults to families to working girls (from the many Vietnamese bars in the vicinity). It is nice to see everyone congregating without prejudice to enjoy the fantastic and value for money food this place churns out.

For some strange reason, Long Phung reminds me of the restaurant that Sophie Ellis-Bextor was in on the MTV for Groovejet with Spiller….it isn’t the same, but it just keeps playing into my mind. This is a basic place, definitely not a wine and dine place. Not a place for a first date, unless you want it to be your last! The place is busy and tight. It is always heaving like a street market food stall.

Pho noodle, vietnamese noodle
Special Noodle Soup (Pho Dac Biet) S$7.00

The best way to start your food journey here is with the Special Noodles. It will not be winning awards for innovative name but it will win over all your senses. The warm savoury beef broth with a hint of salt, pepper and sweetness packs an intense punch and is brilliantly delicious. It is garnished with fresh holy basil, lime juice, garlic slices, onion and spring onions with a bonus of runny yolk egg. The pho (thin Vietnamese rice noodle) melts in your mouth. It comes with healthy portion of sliced beef and beef balls. The sliced beef (brisket, I think) is slightly chewy and gelatinous. The beef balls has a good bounce to it but would be perfect if it was a touch smoother.

Vietnamese Spring Roll
Vietnamese Spring Roll S$6 for 4pcs

Next must-have is the Vietnamese Spring Roll. It is made with a crunchy and fluffy rice vermicelli wrap, which are much better than the flat spring roll wraps… . The filling is made from minced meat with black fungi, carrot and vermicelli. Dip them into the concoction of chilli and fish sauce…these rolls are addictive. Be warned!

There are many more items on the menu and will share more soon…cockles, clams, avocado smoothies, Vietnamese rice, etc.

As busy as this place is, there is no compromise on the service – the service is prompt. The food you ordered will be with you before you know it. You will normally find a long queue in front of the restaurant. Visiting just outside of the standard lunch or dinner hours is highly recommended. I tend to go at 9.30pm and it is alright.

This place doesn’t charge for service nor GST and it is kids friendly, but space will be tight for a baby pram.

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