Koh Grill and Sushi Bar – The Home of “Amazingly Good” Sushi‏

Shiok Maki
Shiok!!! Maki S$16.80

If you are a self-respecting Singapore-based sushi eater,  you should have tried or at least heard of Shiok!!! Maki. It has put Koh Grill and Sushi Bar onto the culinary map of this little Island. “Shiok” is Singaporean slang for “amazingly good”. This avocado, charcoal grilled eel sushi roll that is topped off with lightly torched Salmon and Japanese mayonnaise is indeed amazing. The smokiness of the eel, the buttery of the avocado and the wholesomeness of the mayonnaise makes it a lethal combination. It is like the nap after a big meal or the first taste of alcohol after t-total for 4 months. .. it is just so right and so satisfying.

This restaurant is tucked on the 4th floor of Wisma Atria next to Food Republic/ BreadTalk. It’s open plan concept reminded me of some of the best sushi joints in Tsukiji Fish Market in Tokyo, Japan…. especially with the long queue that snakes out from the front desk of this place! Like most sushi restaurants, there is a long sushi bar with front row seats to the culinary actions that go on in the kitchen. There are also normal table seating for about 50 in the rest of the restaurant, some by the window overlooking Orchard Road.

Spicy salmon maki
Spicy Salmon Maki S$12.00
The Spicy Salmon Maki has a good combination of spiciness and sweetness. Giving you a hard kick in the bum and a nice warm hug at the same time. There is also crunchiness from fresh cucumbers and melts in your mouth softness from the salmon. This maki is really working all your senses.

salmon sashimi
Salmon Sashimi S$8.00
Salmon sashimi was good. A good salmon sashimi is like a fresh healthy butter. There is the creaminess but there is also the freshness. But the slices are too thick for perfect enjoyment. It has lost the melt in your mouth effect being brick-like chunky. I also tried my usual favourites sushi ….. inari (sweet beancurd), tamogo (egg), kanikama (crab stick) maki and avocado maki. All good.

Garlic rice
Garlic Rice S$5.00

Last but not least is the garlic rice. This innocent looking rice is another testament to the pride they take in the food that they serve here. It is flavoursome, perfect amount of garlic, just the right amount of smokiness and spot-on amount of moist.

There are plenty more items on offer and I will be back to try the rest very soon.

This place doesn’t serve complimentary cold nor warm water. Quite friendly for kids but certainly no space to park a baby pram.

Koh Grill & Sushi Bar
Wisma Atria #04-02/14
435 Orchard Road
Singapore 238877
+65 6836 0609

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