Saveur – Good Value Great Tasting French Food‏

An affordable Fine French cuisine, that was the inspiration that underpinned the start-up of Saveur in 2011. The duo behind this, Dylan Ong and Joshua Khoo believed in serving fine dining quality food that could be enjoyed by anyone without breaking the bank account. Three and a half years on, it has firmly established itself on Singapore’s culinary map. It is a must try for any foodie in Singapore. The food is fabulous… but having said that, the branch at Far East Plaza does need a little freshening up as it is starting to look a bit tired. The duck confit (S$12.90) is clear favourite on the menu and is done exceptionally well. You will see one of this dish on almost every table in the restaurant. The outside is crisp and slightly burnt while the meat inside is moist. The duck is served on a bed of finely mashed potato and chunky sautéed shiitake mushrooms.

foie gra

The foie gra is also a hot favourite. There are two choices, one with lentils & onions (S$7.90) and the other with apple, raisins and vanilla beans (S$9.90). What are vanilla beans? A good foie gras is rich in flavour and melts in your mouth. I found the one I ordered this time too salty and gamey. Someone has not given it the love and care it deserves. I am also very puzzled as to why it is served in a bowl, testing my fork & knife skills! saveur pasta My personal favourite is the Saveur Pasta (S$4.90), not very French I guess, but I am a sucker for good pasta. As soon as it arrives on your table you know what I am talking about. The beautifully twirled portion of angel hair pasta, topped with minced pork sauce, chives, finely chopped kombu (thick seaweed), sakura ebi (tinnie winnie prawns) and a touch of chilli oil is a joy to have. Beef The Beef Bourguignon (S$16.90), slowly simmered beef cheek in red wine is splendid. The meat is cooked perfectly, slightly pink in the middle. It is tender and tasty. The side salad has a sweet mustardy dressing which gives it a pleasant punch. Garden Salad The Garden Salad (S$4.90) turned out to be quite a winner. It has a light tangy lemon vinaigrette dressing, juicy cherry tomatoes, quail eggs, olives and freshly toasted Hazelnuts that gives it a pop as you bite into it. One of the key defining factors for me that differentiate a great restaurant from the average Joe is warm bread. Nothing is better than the smell of bread freshly baked from the oven. Saveur serves their bread warm (S$2.50), you can choose a soft roll or his onion hard roll cousin. The simple pleasures of life.

French dining is never complete without a nice bottle of wine. Saveur has two choices of French (where else!) white and red wine. Both at a very affordable price of S$35 or more fancy S$40. There is also a wide selection of beers and other normal drinks.

I haven’t been to their location in Purvis Street, but the one on the ground floor of Far East Plaza is befitting to its mission. Accessible location for the masses who shop at Orchard Road. The decor is simple elegance, dimly lit with black walls and decorated with classy chandeliers. Unfortunately, it does look its age and could do with some freshening up.

The crowd is predominantly teenagers to young adults. They have a no reservation policy to maximise the turnover (which they badly need to keep the business alive given the low prices and exorbitant rent!). Therefore, be prepared to queue if you are here during peak lunch/dinner hours. They are open all day long, so if you want to avoid the queue to sample the great food, drop by off peak.

This restaurant is family friendly and has baby seats available.

Saveur @ Far East Plaza

14 Scotts Road, #01-7B

Singapore 228213

+65 6736 1121

Visit Saveur Website


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